Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Holista Shark Cartilage Pills are no more!

Congratulations to Shark Angel Kim and all of Sea Shepherd's hard efforts to persuade Holista to cease all production of Shark Cartilage Products. This is a huge win for sharks!



  1. Hello Shark Angels

    My name is Haley Manning and I am 15 years old. I live in BC Canada. I was recently in an Extra Foods store in my town when I noticed that they sold Shark Cartilage pills. I had to try to get them off so I wrote a letter with my concerns and shark facts and gave it to the pharmacy manager. I didn't get a response for two weeks so I sent my letter to the main office in Ottawa. A few weeks later they messaged me back and they said that stores under Loblaw Companies name will no longer sell Shark Cartilage pills! I couldn't beleive it! This is great! These stores will no longer sell these pills once the inventory has run out. I love the ocean and sharks so much so I was happy to hear this news. You guys are doing an awesome job at protecting sharks. That is awesome.

    Haley Manning